Only gaming & artwork NFTs are allowed to be bought/sold on Rand Gallery. If you see someone selling security tokens or investments on this website, please report them to ChrisAntaki(at)gmail(dot)com, or (even better) create an issue/PR in the securities-denylist GitHub project.

All sales final. Individual sellers may issue refunds on a case-by-case basis. Sellers withhold the right to refuse a refund for any reason though.

Any purchase of NFTs on Rand Gallery is a PURCHASE, NOT an INVESTMENT. There is no fundamental reason these NFTs should appreciate in value. There is no interest/equity ownership owed to the buyer of these NFTs. All NFTs for sale are simply gaming or artwork NFTs — any appreciation in said NFTs are due to market forces outside of the creator and Rand Gallery’s control.

Purchase these NFTs at your own risk. Creators reserve the right to stop producing the NFTs or running the games associated with the NFTs at any time. There is risk that the Algorand Blockchain will not exist in the future. There is risk that media hosting services will shut down and links become inoperable. All risk is assumed by the BUYER of the NFTs.

Rand Gallery’s Buy buttons just help people interact with the Algorand blockchain. Rand Gallery does not store Buyer’s keys nor does Rand Gallery have any access to people’s funds when they use the website. People are always responsible for the security of their own wallets and assets. Buyers are always responsible for verifying the authenticity and legality of every listing before authorizing any transactions, even if those listings are from verified addresses.

Copyrights: Buyers, ask questions of the artists to prove their claims of originality or to find where the images were derived from. For anything you believe to be copyright infringement, DO NOT PURCHASE it and please report it to ChrisAntaki(at)gmail(dot)com so I can take it down. Sellers, beware that you may be the target of a court case now or in the future for selling items that infringe upon copyright. As NFTs grow, these cases will increase exponentially. Just google “Napster” and “Limewire” to see how many “little guys” who thought they were safe ended up being the victims of lawsuits by the “big guys.”